Megan Martin

Megan supports menopausal women to go from feeling anxious, overwhelmed and confused by their experience, to feeling calm, confident and empowered by supporting them to improve their symptoms and long-term health without dieting. She has a Self-Care Framework that can be individualised for each client, as each woman’s experience of menopause is unique to her, so her support should be unique to her too.

Megan is a menopausal woman herself and started working in this area when she was perimenopausal and struggling to cope with her symptoms and the lack of support and information available to her. At the time, she was completing her post graduate nutrition studies at Deakin University, and it was a no brainer for her to work in the menopause space and help women as she had helped herself.

Megan is passionate about nutrition, health and self-care strategies that women can implement to live the second half of their lives with good health and energy. Megan is also currently studying at Well College Global, completing the Women’s Health and Wellbeing Coaching course.