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The Complementary Medicine Association (CMA) is one of the leading practitioner associations in Australia. Founded in 1985, the vision and purpose of the CMA is to support, advocate for, and represent Naturopaths, Nutritionists, Homeopaths, Western Herbal Medicine practitioners, Chinese Herbal Medicine practitioners, and Ayurvedic practitioners.

The CMA has been working actively for almost 40 years to represent its members in forums with government bodies, health funds, insurance companies, and the general public. We provide complementary medicine healthcare professionals with a membership to a highly ethical and democratic association, and work to promote the benefit of complementary medicines broadly for the benefit of practitioners, clients, and humanity more broadly.

The CMA promotes the science of complementary medicine and advocates for the rightful role of complementary medicine practitioners within the Australian healthcare system. We have worked hard since our inception to create an ethical and proactive association to represent the needs of practitioners and are committed to obtaining full government recognition for our members in the form of professional peer group registration.

Why Join Cma
Cma Who We Are

Join the CMA Community

Not to be confused with ‘Complementary Medicines Australia’, the CMA is a not-for-profit practitioner association with memberships open to healthcare professionals practicing Naturopathy, Nutrition, Homeopathy, Western Herbal Medicine, Chinese Herbal Medicine, and/or Ayurveda. Students of these modalities may also join the CMA.

As well as professional representation and advocacy, CMA offers its members:

  • Competitive membership fees
  • Exemption from the advertising restrictions as enacted by the TGA
  • ATO recognition for GST exemption on patient consultations (where applicable)
  • The freedom to choose your own professional indemnity insurance policy, with support to help you make this important choice
  • Participation and engagement with a supportive caring community of like-minded practitioners
  • Support and advice on professional maters when you need it
  • Access to free webinars and other continuing professional education (CPE) opportunities
  • Discounts to many seminars, events, and workshops

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