Welcome to the Complementary Medicine Association

The Complementary Medicine Association (CMA) was one of the largest and longest established single modality associations in Australia, being founded in 1985.  The vision and purpose was to dedicate themselves to representing professional Naturopaths to Government bodies, Health Funds, Insurance Companies and the General Public.

Not to be confused with ‘Complementary Medicines Australia’, formerly the Complementary Healthcare Council, we are a not-for-profit peer group practitioner membership association for natural therapists and students thereof.  We hold accreditation with all Australian private health funds and are recognised by the TGA and ATO to name a few.

In January 2013, in a bold move away from its ‘single modality status’ the CMA decided to alter its acceptance criteria to not only those studying in and (duly) qualified in Naturopathy, but also encompass the modalities of; Homeopathy, Nutrition, Western Herbal Medicine, Chinese Herbal Medicine and Ayurveda.

The CMA Board of Directors decided it was time to grow the CMA family into a larger group of like minded (ingestive modality) professionals, without losing the integrity of the Associations beliefs, constitution and direction. Thus in turn also giving the CMA and its members a bigger, stronger, more united voice and even more recognition with those departments and bodies most important to be ‘known’ by.

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Some of the CMA’s Main Objectives

To ensure members are adequately qualified to practice

To encourage Continued Practitioner Education (CPE)

To ensure practitioners maintain professional indemnity insurance

To enforce a suitable code of ethics and by laws by which to abide by

To ensure professional standards of practice and clinical amenities

To oversee the servicing of health fund benefits to patients

To safeguard patients’ interests wherever and however possible

To handle patient complaints

To represent our practitioners in the utmost professional manner

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