Education standards for membership

The Complementary Medicine Association accepts students from all Australian Registered Training Organisations (RTOs) and Universities offering training packages that can lead to full qualifications as accepted by the Australian Government. The CMA does not endorse any specific course, educational institution or guarantee that a specific educational qualification will allow student members to become full members.

In July 2014, the Community Services and Health Industry Skills Council announced that the Advanced Diplomas in Naturopathy, Homeopathy, Nutritional Medicine, and Western Herbal Medicine would be dropped from the Health Training Package.  As a result of this decision, students in Australia now only have the option of studying a minimum level of bachelor’s degree in order to graduate with the potential to become a Natural Medicine practitioner.

However, in recognition of previous educational standards, the current Complementary Medicine Association (CMA) recognised minimum educational standards required are:

  • Advanced Diploma of Naturopathy HLT60502, HLT60507 and/or HLT60512
  • Advanced Diploma of Nutrition HLT61012
  • Advanced Diploma of Western Herbal Medicine HLT60112
  • Advanced Diploma of Homeopathy HLT60612
  • Advanced Diploma of Ayurveda HLT60712
  • Those duly qualified and AHPRA registered in Chinese Herbal Medicine.

In addition, the following criteria must be met for full membership:

  • Face-to-face practical hours and clinic practicum must be undertaken as part of the course of study to meet membership entry criteria.
  • Online learning may be no more than 50% of overall course requirements.

Student members upgrading to full membership

Any graduated student will be accepted as a full Member upon their completion of (minimum) industry standard qualifications (as specified below). Eligibility for private health fund rebates may apply upon satisfactory completion of qualifications and compliance to association regulations, by-laws, and other relevant legislation at the time of application.

Upon graduation students may (where eligibility criteria is met) request for upgrade to full membership. Consideration and upgrade will only occur when these required minimum educational standards as stated above, are achieved.