Uncovering the Naturopathic Evidence-Base in Research

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    Question #1
    The World Naturopathic Federation (WNF) was established in what year?

    A: 2011B: 2012C: 2013D: 2014

    Question #2
    Evidence-based research is required for Health Technology Assessment.

    A: TrueB: False

    Question #3
    The World Health Organisation does not recognise any form of natural medicine.

    A: TrueB: False

    Question #4
    The referral method used to identify and contact naturopaths who have engaged in research is known as:

    A: Hand-glidingB: SnowballingC: Ball throwingD: Surfing

    Question #5
    Based on data obtained by the WNF, how many full-length articles on naturopathy have been published from 1987-2018?

    A: 223B: 1,062C: 1989D: 2,023

    Question #6
    The number of publications written on naturopathy has increased significantly since 2011.

    A: TrueB: False

    Question #7
    Which form of study design was used most by naturopathic researchers based in Australia?

    A: ReviewsB: Observational StudiesC: Clinical TrialsD: Commentaries

    Question #8
    Most of the published Naturopathic research in Australia has focused on public health and treatment.

    A: TrueB: False

    Question #9
    What percentage of published naturopathic research articles world-wide explicitly focused on/discussed naturopathy?

    A: 0.7%B: 7.6%C: 67%D: 97%

    Question #10
    Compared to the world-wide number of naturopathic research publications which explicitly focused on/discussed naturopathy, Australian-authored publications were fewer.

    A: TrueB: False

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