You may recall that the CMA received an invitation from the Policy and Legislation Unit of SA Health to comment on the proposed Code of Conduct for unregistered health practitioners, a copy of which is available on the members home page.

Well this policy has now been enacted and made effective as of 14th March 2013. In very basic terms, the policy means that SA practitioners (that are not within a registered body under AHPRA – Like the new TCM board) must comply with the code and in addition;

  • display a copy of the plain English version of the code downloadable here
  • display a document that gives information about the way a patient may make a complaint to the commissioner (which is actually displayed at the end of the above)
  • display a document that evidences your qualifications both the plain English version/complaints procedure and your qualification should be placed next to each other and in a place easily visible to anyone entering your practice

An additional fact sheet may be downloaded here. It is nothing to worry or be concerned about, it is all complaints based, it is not a way of checking up on practitioners. It is simply or more ‘glamorous’ version of our own complaints procedure, with the exception of the Health & Community Services Complaints Commissioner having the power to stop an unregistered practitioner from practising in the future, should they breach regulations.

For any further information, please contact; If you need more information you can contact the; Policy and Legislation Unit Policy and Commissioning Division Telephone: (08) 8226 6717