Vincent Bowyer, Nat. WHM RM

With roots in Africa I have always been fascinated with those who know the human body well. I grew up in cultures and environments where pharmaceutical intervention was not often a viable choice. In my childhood memories, doctors were practical, visited our home and looked at body signs to help with diagnosis. Medicine was often made from local herbs. Gut issues were quickly cured using both physical manipulation and herbal medicines.

I arrived in Australia on a student visa to study theology at the University of Melbourne as a candidate for the Presbyterian church. I graduated after 6 years and served within East Gippsland. There followed two extremely happy and fruitful years.

1983 saw a complete change in vocation when I moved into the financial industry. I was involved in the setting up of a financial planning practice for a Lismore Credit Union, and ultimately moved to the Northern Rivers to run my own business together with my wife.

Over time I was introduced to the world of human anatomy while studying massage. This developed into the setting up of a new practice providing Remedial Massage. Our Remedial Massage business has evolved over the years into ingestive modalities, Naturopathy and Western Herbal Medicine and includes non-invasive neuro-biofeedback technology for pain.

Our holistic clinic in Lismore has been in operation since 2002.

Vincent has been a member of the CMA since 2018 and currently serves as Vice President