Greg Fredericks B.A. M.A. N.D. N.M.D

Greg started his career with the intention to practice  conventional orthodox medicine and psychology. Unfortunately accidents happen and he ended up paralysed from the waist down in a wheel chair in 1981. Orthodox medicine could not offer much to improve his situation other than steroids and disc fusions. Greg looked for help from alternative sources and was led to some German doctors that had him walking within 6 months. This made an enormous impression that made him decide to devote his life to Natural Medicine. Greg used his previous Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees to enter into Naturopathic College where he attained a Doctorate Degree.

Greg is very fortunate to have also studied with some great German, French and American biologists who taught him Live Blood analysis and other paradigms of biological medicine. He went on to receive accreditation in TCM and Pathology, Tibetan Medicine and Nutrition. These experiences have led Greg to develop a unique approach to helping his patients.

He is the author of ‘Alternative and Integrative Oncology’ a reference guide for Cancer Therapies, ‘Darkfield Warriors’ a reference guide to the world of live blood microscopy and ‘Beyond Natural Medicine’ a compilation of articles that push the paradigms of science and biology.

Greg regularly publishes articles in Nexus and the New Zealand Journal of Natural Medicine and has presented Naturopathic Oncology seminars in America, New Zealand and Australia.

He has been a member of the CMA since 1997 and has previously served as Secretary and is an ongoing State Representative for NSW. Greg is also a member of the American Naturopathic Medical Association (ANMA). He enjoys presenting Webinars to the members of the CMA and is always willing to demonstrate the scientific validity of Naturopathic and Nutritional medicine.

Greg has overcome his earlier health issues and has become a Sifu teaching various types of Kung Fu to his students since 2007. He has four beautiful children; Enya, Taine, Rafe and Ronnie and a wonderfully supportive partner Carron, whom he cherishes.