Elizabeth Lake


As a holistically-trained Registered Nutritionist and Root Cause Protocol Consultant, I assist you to find and address mineral imbalances, creating more energy and better health. I combine this with Life Coaching and Neuro-Linguistic Programming, to shift the emotional, behavioural and spiritual aspects of what’s holding you back – in your health and your life.

My areas of interest are fatigue, anaemia, stress and perimenopause.

I offer one to one consultations in person or over Zoom, which are eligible for a private health fund rebate in Australia; workshops; online programs and virtual retreats.

My vision is a thriving world full of people living in their Natural Vitality: healthy, joyful, energised and creating their life from the heart. I educate and guide my clients to choose a lifestyle that supports their optimal health and allows them to deepen in self-knowledge, and expand into greater aliveness and well-being.