The Practical Benefits of RBTI Analysis for Your Clinic

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    Question #1
    RBTI analysis can help which health conditions?
    A: FatigueB: AnxietyC: Blood Sugar DysregulationD: All of these

    Question #2
    RBTI analysis is based on testing urine and which other substance?

    A: SkinB: FaecesC: SalivaD: Hair

    Question #3
    RBTI stands for ____________ Biological Theory of Ionization?

    A: RobinsonsB: RheumaticC: RaynaudsD: Reams

    Question #4
    A patient generally requires RBTI analysis to be done only once, as the results rarely change:

    A: TrueB: False

    Question #5
    Emotional stress can affect the results of RBTI analysis and the effectiveness of treatment:

    A: TrueB: False

    Question #6
    The founder of RBTI analysis focused on which mineral when working with patients?

    A: IronB: CalciumC: SeleniumD: Molybdenum

    Question #7
    Laboratory blood testing is a major component of RBTI analysis:

    A: TrueB: False

    Question #8
    RBTI analysis helps to determine how much of which fluid a patient should be consuming?

    A: WaterB: TeaC: CoffeeD: Alcohol

    Question #9
    Homeostasis keeps our blood pH within which ranges?

    A: 6.0-6.5B: 7.35-7.45C: 8.0-8.15D: 8.2-8.5

    Question #10
    Treatment based on RBTI analysis results generally focuses on which organ in the body?

    A: Urinary bladderB: SkinC: LiverD: Brain

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