Somatic Syndromes and the Gut-Brain Axis

© 2015 Leonie Blackwell, The Essence of Healing


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    Question #1
    A new paradigm of health is being presented. What is the basic concept?

    A: The body will always try to heal itselfB: Disease is understood in its partsC: Disease is a network disturbanceD: Wellness is the state of being symptom free

    Question #2
    The suffix –‘ome’ means what?

    A: NetworkB: RelationshipC: SynergyD: Opposite

    Question #3
    Microbes have three main functions in the gut. What are they?

    A: Immune, mucosal, protectiveB: Protective, structural, metabolicC: Structural, cultural, environmentalD: Metabolic, absorption, fermentation

    Question #4
    Which neurotransmitters do healthy gut microbes help produce?

    A: Acetylcholine, adenosine, adrenalineB: Glutamate, endorphins, histamineC: Serotonin, dopamine, noradrenaline, GABAD: Adrenaline, noradrenaline, dopamine

    Question #5
    Which diet negatively impacts on maintaining a healthy microbial balance?

    A: Fast food, high in sugar, and high fatB: KetogenicC: PaleoD: Weight Watchers

    Question #6
    The percentage that the gut informs the brain about how its body is functioning is?

    A: 10%B: 30%C: 90%D: 70%

    Question #7
    Epithelial Barrier Dysfunction was previously known as?

    A: TineaB: Leaky GutC: DermatitisD: Candida

    Question #8
    What do Bifidobacterium make in an altered pH?

    A: D-lactateB: CytokinesC: Vitamin B 3D: Amines

    Question #9
    Which lactobacillus makes D-lactate?

    A: AcidophilusB: BrevisC: PlantarumD: All of the above

    Question #10
    There are three lactobacillus species that have been found to produce L-lactate and support a stable mucosal lining. Which ones are they?

    A: Bulgaricus, jensenii, rhamnosusB: Rhamnosus, casei, salviariusC: Reuteri, salviarius, cripatusD: Casei, fermentum, lactis

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