Eight Health Warnings Your Patients Fingernails may be Sending

Source: Rosemary Jacobs


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    Question #1
    Green Nails?

    A: Heart DiseaseB: Liver ImbalanceC: Bacterial Infection

    Question #2
    Red Streaks?

    A: Bacterial InfectionB: Cardiovascular ProblemsC: Fungal Infection

    Question #3
    Split Nails?

    A: OverworkB: MalnutritionC: Nail Polish

    Question #4
    Spoon Fingernails?

    A: HypothyroidismB: PsoriasisC: Iron Deficiency

    Question #5
    Pitted Nails?

    A: AlopecialB: Thyroid ImbalanceC: Vitamin Deficiency

    Question #6

    A: Cardiovascular DiseaseB: MalabsorptionC: Psoriasis

    Question #7
    Dry, Bittle Nail?

    A: Cardiovascular DiseaseB: DehydrationC: Thyriod Imbalance

    Question #8
    Clubbed Nails?

    A: Vitamin DeficiencyB: Inflammatory Bowel DiseaseC: Connective Tissue Disorder

    Question #9
    Dark Stripes at the top of Nails?

    A: Low oxygen levelsB: AgeingC: Hemachoromatosis

    Question #10
    Horizontal Ridges?

    A: Iron DeficiencyB: Cardiovascular DiseaseC: Stress

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