Glyphosate: The Most Dangerous Damaging Toxic Chemical in Our Environment

This article summary comes from a webinar by Dr. Stephanie Seneff PhD., MIT, CSAIL,


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    Question #1
    What pathway is glyphosate processed through?

    A: PhagocytosisB: ShikimateC: IntracellularD: Extracellular

    Question #2
    Dr. Seneff proposes that glyphosate inserts itself in protein synthesis replacing a specific amino acid. Which one does it replace?

    A: CysteineB: AlanineC: GlycineD: Phenylalanine

    Question #3
    What minerals does glyphosate deplete in plants by blocking their uptake?

    A: Calcium, Phosphate and MagnesiumB: Potassium, Sodium and SeleniumC: Iodine, Chromium, AluminiumD: Zinc, Iron and Manganese

    Question #4
    Which mineral does glyphosate chelate to creating a possible cause of gluten intolerance?

    A: ManganeseB: MagnesiumC: IronD: Cobalt

    Question #5
    Which gut bacteria does glyphosate preferentially kill?

    A: a) Acidophilus lactisB: BifidobacteriumC: E. coliD: Clostridium

    Question #6
    Which herbs are hepatic protective from glyphosate?

    A: a) DandelionB: BarberryC: BurdockD: All of the above

    Question #7
    Which amino acid does glyphosate deplete interfering with production of serotonin and melatonin?

    A: a) TyrosineB: ProlineC: ThreonineD: Tryptophan

    Question #8
    Where glyphosate causes fats to stay inside the cell which three diseases is a person at risk of developing?

    A: Obesity, atherosclerosis and type II diabetesB: Kidney failure, infertility andosteoarthritisC: Osteoporosis, anorexia and depressionD: Gallstones, pancreatitis and stomach ulcers

    Question #9
    When glyphosate induces pathogens like C. difficile in the gut it leads to what?

    A: Bowel cancerB: DiverticulitisC: Leaky gut syndromeD: Candida

    Question #10
    Which heavy metal does p-cresol promote the uptake of by cells?

    A: LeadB: CadmiumC: MercuryD: Aluminium

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