Functional Assessments of Metabolic Disruptions in Mental Health Part II

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    Question #1
    Excitatory neurotransmitters are all except
    A: GlutamateB: DopamineC: GABAD: Noradrenaline

    Question #2
    The drug of choice for Dopamine deficiency is

    A: CitalopramB: VenlafaxineC: AmitriptylineD: Paroxetine

    Question #3
    Tyrosine is a precursor to

    A: SerotoninB: DopamineC: GABAD: Glutamate

    Question #4
    Boost Acetylcholine with the following except

    A: PhosphatidylserineB: Acetyl-l-carnitineC: ZincD: Choline

    Question #5
    Primary methylation genes are the following except


    Question #6
    Homozygous means that you have

    A: 1 copy of one gene from a parent and 1 from the other parentB: 1 copy of the gene variant (ie. from one parent)C: 2 copies of the gene variant (ie. from both parents)

    Question #7
    Pollutants that damage cellular health may be due to all except

    A: Environmental toxinsB: Organic foodC: GlyphosateD: BiotoxinsE: Mould

    Question #8
    L-tryptophan, Lactium & L-theanine will support

    A: Inhibitory pathwaysB: Excitatory pathways

    Question #9
    Normetanephrine synthesised from

    A: NoradrenalineB: DopamineC: AdrenalineD: Glutamate

    Question #10
    Glycine is an

    A: Inhibitory neurotransmitterB: Excitatory neurotransmitter

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