Functional Assessments of Metabolic Disruptions in Mental Health Part I

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    Question #1
    Accredited methods of mental health assessments in Australia are?
    A: HAM scoreB: DSMC: Neurotransmitter testingD: QEEG

    Question #2
    The most relevant and comprehensive test to identify mental health imbalances.

    A: HomocysteineB: NeurotransmittersC: CRPD: Hba1C

    Question #3
    True or False? Depression is a precursor to stress and anxiety

    A: TrueB: False

    Question #4
    True or False? Cortisol stimulates Glut 4 enzyme

    A: TrueB: False

    Question #5
    Circadian rhythm of cortisol can be measured in (you may choose more than one answer)

    A: SerumB: UrineC: Saliva

    Question #6
    Cortisol spikes up 30 minutes after awakening by?

    A: 30%B: 40%C: 50%D: 60%

    Question #7
    Low levels of DHEA and elevated levels of Cortisol is associated with?

    A: Adrenal exhaustionB: Adrenal insufficiencyC: Adrenal stress

    Question #8
    Pyrollurics would benefit from supplementation of the following except?

    A: ZincB: Vit B6C: Vit CD: CopperE: Omega 6 Oils

    Question #9
    Histamine is metabolized by? (you may choose more than one answer)


    Question #10
    Copper is predominantly bound to what?

    A: AlbuminB: CeruloplasminC: MetalothioneinD: SHBG

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