History and research of Bowen Therapy

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    Question #1
    Bowen therapy involves forceful manipulation.

    A: TrueB: False

    Question #2
    Newborns must never be treated by Bowen Therapy.

    A: TrueB: False

    Question #3
    Tom Bowen was known as being which type of practitioner??

    A: ChiropractorB: MyotherapistC: OsteopathD: Hypnotherapist

    Question #4
    The practitioner’s thumbs work together in a micro sequence during a Bowen treatment.?

    A: TrueB: False

    Question #5
    Tom Bowen treated approximately how many people per annum??

    A: 130B: 300C: 1000D: 13000

    Question #6
    As he developed and practised his technique, Tom Bowen rarely documented his work.

    A: TrueB: False

    Question #7
    Which type of sportspeople did Tom Bowen regularly treat??

    A: NetballersB: Olympic AthletesC: FootballersD: Swimmers

    Question #8
    Practitioners such as chiropractors and osteopaths taught Bowen’s work, whilst he was still alive.?

    A: TrueB: False

    Question #9
    Bob Lucy, a founder of CMA, developed which bodywork system??

    A: Lymphatic Drainage MassageB: MyotherapyC: MyorthoticsD: Alexander Technique

    Question #10
    There is a memorial sculpture as a tribute to Tom Bowen and his work in which Australian city?

    A: GlenelgB: GisborneC: GraftonD: Geelong

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