Amino acids in mental health and insomnia

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    Question #1
    Glutamine is a precursor to:

    A: No amino acidsB: LysineC: GABAD: Histidine

    Question #2
    Taurine is a conditionally essential amino acid:

    A: TrueB: False

    Question #3
    Low glutamine indicates vitamin B6 deficiency:

    A: TrueB: False

    Question #4
    The following foods are good sources of methionine:

    A: EggsB: NutsC: PorkD: All of the above

    Question #5
    What dose of glycine before bed-time can enhance sleep quality:

    A: 3 gramsB: 6 gramsC: 9 gramsD: 30 grams

    Question #6
    Melatonin is secreted from which gland during darkness:

    A: AdrenalB: ThymusC: PinealD: Sebaceous

    Question #7
    Phenylalanine levels can alter thyroid function:

    A: TrueB: False

    Question #8
    B-vitamins and Magnesium are not generally needed when prescribing amino acids:

    A: TrueB: False

    Question #9
    Spot urine is the best way to test for amino acids:

    A: TrueB: False

    Question #10
    Re-testing of amino acids should be done after what period of time?

    A: 1 weekB: 1 monthC: 6 - 8 weeksD: 18 months

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