Continuing Practitioner Education (CPE) Points

It is the responsibility of anyone in professional life to keep themselves updated with developments within their profession. This should be a routine part of a continuing practice protocol. It should consist of a planned, well-balanced program of updates obtained from a variety of sources, consistently throughout each and every year.

It is CMA policy that all practicing members undertake continuing education throughout each year. The current minimum required to maintain and renew an annual membership, as well as obtain health fund provider status (if applicable) each membership period is 20 points. Evidence of cpe activities is required to be provided to admin, and may take the form of a certificate of attendance or attainment, evidence of purchase or presentation or other information relevant to the category. This documentation must show duration as well as the date.

A wide range of activities are recognised within the CMA’s CPE programme. To assist Members to acquire their 20 points per membership period, and in a manner to suit their time frame, financial situation, and location, these activities & categories  are detailed in the table below.


Our CPE policy is formulated to:

  • Be fair and equitable to all Members from all financial, regional and lifestyle factors.
  • Offer variety in both content and method of delivery.
  • Include training for all aspects of Natural Therapies practice.
  • Encourage group activities, communication between members and networking.
  • Encourage members to conduct presentations and thus broaden their skills while educating others.


Units required:

  • 20 units per year
  • Additional units acquired in any one membership period may be carried over into the next period. (Max 10 units carried over)
  • If cpe items are received after the due date or as part of a membership reinstatement, excess points are not carried over.


Submission of evidence:

  • Members are encouraged to submit the required evidence to the federal administration office as they are acquired, rather than at the end of each renewal period.  This allows more time to acquire further points if needed and also avoids the potential misplacement of information.
  • The units will be allocated against your membership file.
  • Members can contact the administration office at any time to check their points tally.
  • Points evidence must be dated within the current membership period to be eligible. 
  • For security purposes we do not accept links as evidence of points; the relevant documentation must be supplied.


Original evidence:

  • All original evidence of cpe completion should be kept by the Member.
  • It is the Member’s ultimate responsibility to produce such evidence if required in the future.
  • The CMA accepts no responsibility for the accidental loss of originals kept within its files.


Non practicing Members:

  • While encouraged to undertake cpe, there is no requirement for non-practicing members to conform to the CMA’s cpe policy.
  • Are required to conform as soon as they return to practice.


New (full) Members:

  • New full members who have graduated within the previous 12 months are automatically awarded 20 cpe units for their first membership period.
  • It is a Member’s responsibility to obtain and forward appropriate proof of cpe points to the administration office.
  • Points evidence must be dated within the current membership period to be eligible. 


How to earn points:

Professional education is a matter of extreme importance.  Private health insurance companies will only pay out on fully qualified practitioners with current first aid,  professional indemnity insurance, working with children check or blue card clearance, and who have proof of continuing practitioner education (CPE) points.

The cpe policy is designed to make it easy and effective for all practitioners to achieve 20 points per year, regardless of their geographical location or time constraints.  Below is a table of eligible activities and items. 

When you complete/obtain an item that earns you cpe points it is your responsibility to forward appropriate proof (as outlined) to the CMA office where it will be added to your records.

All items to be claimed s CPE must be relevant to Complementary & Alternative Medicines (CAM).  Items such as (for example) personal development are not eligible.  Education and resources must be such, that they assist in your position and capacity as a natural therapies practitioner.

As a maximum of 10 excess points only are carried into the next membership period, points received that exceed a total of 30 will simply be held on file.

In order for points to be allocated, ALL evidence MUST show:

      • your name
      • date
      • duration (if applicable)
      • topic
      • participation or attendance
      • proof of purchase (if applicable)

If these details are not evident, or not provided, points cannot be allocated.


CPE Points table

Accredited Post Graduate Study In natural therapies, at a tertiary level via an RTO (Recognised Training Authority) Certified graduation certificate and academic transcript 20
CMA Board Member Appointed Board Members are allocated 20 CPE points per year N/A 20
Authored Publication Author or co-author of a peer publication considered relevant to CAM Mailed copy of publication or photo of cover & ISBN details/evidence of date of publish 10 – 20
Short Course Study In natural therapies or recognised CAM area Statement of attainment or completion 5 – 15
Presentation of CMA Webinar Presentation of webinar for CMA Members N/A 5
Published Article An article in a peer reviewed publication Copy of article and evidence of publication, including name and date 3 – 5
Purchase of Education Material Purchase of hard copy publications, e-books, educational texts/manuals, relating to CAM Purchase receipt showing item, name & date per item
Paid Subscriptions Paid subscriptions to online journals, magazines and other publications relevant to CAM Purchase receipt or confirmation of subscription, including name & date per sub
Free Subscriptions Free subscriptions to online journals or newsletters relating to CAM Subscription confirmation or email evidence of item, including name & date per sub
Use of Research Articles & Studies Reading online articles, research, reports, studies etc. not purchased or subscribed to, but sourced for further education purposes Copy of article/screenshot showing title, author, date of publication per article
Seminar or Webinar Presenter Relevant to CAM at an event or online, attended by health professionals and/or students thereof Marketing material identifying speaker, topic, date, duration per hour (max of 10)
Nutrition Equivalency Assessment (Part B) Completion of CMA nutrition assessment assignment Automatically allocated 2
Event Attendance (incl. online) Seminars, Webinars, Workshops, Conferences, Expos, Symposiums, within a relevant area of CAM Attendance/participation document including topic, name, duration, and date per hour (max of 10)
Student Hosting Supervising a current student for the purpose of course clinical hours. Log outlining student name, dates, duration, and brief description of topic/activity, co-signed by student

per day

(max of 10)

Mentoring – Receipt or Providing of Provide mentoring services to a practitioner or relevant work colleague.  Receiving mentoring support from duly qualified practitioner Co-signed log outlining provider & recipient, dates, duration and topic/s covered per hour (max of 10)
Business Development Undertaking/participating in workshops, webinars or short courses relating to operating a business Attendance/completion document including topic, name, duration, and date per hour (max of 5)
Product Development Research/collaboration/production, of a natural therapies (related) resource or product Co-signed log or record by you & company or other person/s, outlining topic of research, tasks undertaken, dates & duration per 4 hours
Podcasts Listening to podcasts relevant to CAM Evidence podcast has been listened, also showing title, date, speaker, and duration per hour (max of 10)
CMA Online Items Article review or viewing of webinar recording Completion of multiple-choice quiz 0.5 – 2

We cannot accept links as/to evidence of cpe points, please ensure you submit the applicable evidence as outlined above.

Download a copy of the table and cpe information here


There are many online & hard copy subscriptions, newsletters & journals, both free and paid available to help earn cpe  points, below is a list of just a portion of them.  The easiest way to provide evidence of subscriptions to the administration office is to forward on a copy of the received email.


Paid subscriptions

NB: Points are only allocated to each subscription once per year, NOT to each edition of a subscription.

The above lists are a selection of available subscriptions.  Many others are available.

If you subscribe to a publication or other resource that is not listed above, please advise the administration office so that the details may be added for the benefit of your fellow members.

*The above table of points is applicable & current as at December 2022