Membership fees are subject to GST

$20 from each (full) membership, assists the association with annual subscription & licencing expenses with:

  • ANF (Australian Naturopathic Federation)
  • WNF (World Naturopathic Federation)
  • (free) CMA Member access to nPod 

CMA offers a Full *Non-Practicing option for existing Full Members, for half the normal annual cost.

Non-Practising Full members are afforded all the benefits of Full membership and may upgrade back to a practising status at any time.  A pro-rated fee is payable and applicable documents may be necessary at that time.

CMA Student Membership is FREE and upgrading students receive a 50% discount off their first membership period.

Application and Membership fees once paid are non-refundable.

*Non-practising status may only be applied for after a period of paid (full) membership.


May be granted to an applicant providing that he/she has;

A minimum of an Advanced Diploma of Naturopathy, Nutrition, Homeopathy, Ayurveda, Western Herbal Medicine or equivalent qualifications for Chinese Herbal Medicine (all CHM practitioners MUST be registered with the CMB/AHPRAH) from an Australian Recognised Training Organisation (RTO) or Australian University.


A considered equivalent in RTO and /or non RTO education and experience per CMA Policy – Notice of Change in Entry Requirements – Enacted 14th October 2007.


May be awarded to practising practitioners who fall short of our current minimum entry requirements, and allows them to continue to practice, ONLY whilst undertaking the appropriate course of current education requirements of Full membership.

As per CMA Policy, Notice of Change in Entry Requirements – Enacted 14th October 2007, Provisional membership is valid for a maximum of three years from the date the membership is granted.


May be granted providing;

The applicant is undertaking a recognised course of training in Naturopathy, Nutrition, Homeopathy, Western Herbal Medicine or Chinese Herbal Medicine at an Australian university or at an Australian recognised government accredited college (RTO).

Student Memberships can be applied for via the CMA’s online application facility.


May be granted providing the applicant has a supportive interest in the Association’s aims and objectives, is over 16 years of age and who meets the requirements of clause (b) (below).

An Associate membership may also be granted to a member who wishes to retain a basic CMA membership whilst holding another associations membership, which provides them health fund status.

NB: CMA Associate membership is a non-practitioner level of membership.  Associate members are not eligible for purchase of practitioner products or provider status.


Considering Government Health Fund reforms, the CMA Board has developed a ‘Nutrition Modality Equivalency Assessment’ for existing full Naturopathic Members (only).

The policy allows eligible Members, the opportunity to apply for an equivalency assessment of their naturopathic qualifications, against current nutrition education standards.  Successful applicants will be granted an equivalency in the modality of nutrition.  It will not infer them to be, or enable them to use the title of Nutritionist, in any capacity.

Obtaining this equivalency will also allow for (continued) health fund recognition as a provider of nutrition consultations with some funds.

To view the full policy and download an application form, click here.

Should you wish to apply for this equivalency assessment and are not a current CMA Full Member, please initially complete a membership application form and submit it as outlined.

Click here to review further information on minimum education requirements.

Click here for more information on how to apply for membership.

NB: Industry standards may change at any time, as such: The Complementary Medicine Association accepts students from Australian Recognised Training Organisations (R.T.O) and Universities that offer accredited training packages that may lead to full qualifications, as accepted by the Australian Government.  The CMA does not endorse any specific course, educational institution or guarantee that a specific educational qualification will allow student members to become full members.

Any fit and suitable person or student member may be accepted as a full member upon completion of industry standard qualifications that meet current membership eligibility criteria. Eligibility for private health fund rebates (where applicable) may apply upon satisfactory completion of qualifications and compliance to association regulations, by-laws and other relevant legislation or fund provider requirements at the time of application.

Please note that entry standards for the CMA are regularly reviewed to reflect the growing requirements being developed within the profession. The Executive stress that the above entry criteria can change at any time without notice and is provided as a guide only to applicants to assess their eligibility. The final decision rests with the Federal Executive, who reserve the right to treat each application individually without being restricted or bound by these guidelines.

Application for membership of the Association will be accepted conditional to the applicant adhering to the Constitution, Code of Ethics, By-Laws and fulfilling the below criteria.

(a) Being that he/she is 18 years of age or above or in the case of student members 16 years or above

(b) That he/she is considered by the Federal Executive to be a fit and proper person to be a member of the Association

(c) Meet the requirement of at least one of the above membership categories.

All above membership fees are current as at January 2023, but may be altered at any time by the CMA Board of Directors, without prior notification. Application fee invoices are emailed upon receipt of a mailed witnessed & certified membership application and accompanying education documentation.  CMA bank account details are located on our contact page should you wish to make prior payment via electronic transfer.