All membership applications must be mailed and received in original format, witnessed, and on the official CMA Membership Application Form.

All qualification documentation (graduation certificates & academic transcripts) must be certified as true copies and mailed with application.

All Full (nutrition) Members are eligible for provider registration with private health funds (where applicable).

Full membership also entitles you to a TGA number for purchase of practitioner only products, as well as FREE ACCESS to CMA Member webinars and nPod, the Naturopathic Practitioners Online Database, plus other special discount offers.

If you are not seeing patients at the time of application, you can still apply for full membership.

When completing the application form, complete only the sections which are applicable to your current (practice) status.  You will not require insurance whilst non-practising.  When you do enter into practice, you will then be required to provide us with a certificate of currency.

Once your application form is completed, signed & witnessed, *mail it to us with the other applicable items as outlined.

Ensure all documentation pertaining to your qualification/s are certified as true copies.

If you are practising, you must hold and provide a copy of a certificate of currency for Professional Indemnity & Public Liability Insurance, to a minimum value of $2M & $10M respectively.  You can access insurance information here should you need it.  We are happy though for you to source a policy that best suits your needs from an alternative insurance provider.

You are also required to hold and provide a copy of a first aid certificate if you are consulting with clients.

As per (Q3) of the application form, clinic photos are required for practicing applicants.  See below for more information.

Upon receipt of your documentation, an application invoice will be emailed.  Once payment has been made and all relevant documents are received, your application will be submitted for assessment.  If you clearly meet the requirements for the category applied for and all required information has been supplied, membership is routinely approved within a few days.

If you are practising, we will forward your details to health funds (where applicable) to obtain your provider numbers.  Fund updates are sent on the 5th of each month, with the exception of Medibank and ARHG which is sent bi-monthly.

Please be assured ALL membership applications are treated in strict confidence.

Use the below checklist to help ensure you provide everything we need to provide you a quick assessment.

Application Checklist:

  1. Signed and witnessed application form (posted)
  2. Passport photo or digital head shot
  3. Certified academic transcript and qualification/graduation certificate (posted)
  4. If practicing, a copy of a current Provide First Aid HLTAID011 certificate (prior HLTAID003 will be accepted if still valid)
  5. If practicing, a copy of an insurance certificate of currency to a minimum of $2m professional indemnity & $10m public/products liability
  6. If practicing and if applicable in accordance with your state regulations, a copy of a *current Working with Children check / Working with Vulnerable People / Blue Card
  7. If practicing, photos of clinic location:
        • External location: the outside of the location, the consulting room and (if provided) the waiting area.
        • Home clinic: the outside of the home and consulting room.
        • Mobile: the outside of the home/address that will be used on client receipts.
        • Telehealth/Online: the outside of the home/address that will be used on client receipts and space that consultations will be held.

*Only notarized documentation must be posted.  Other items (head shot, first aid, insurance, wwc/blue card and clinic photos) may be emailed.

*If upon inquiry you are exempt from holding/applying for the WWC/WWVP/BC check, please forward any correspondence received to that effect, or advise under what category you are exempt.

Ensure you review minimum education requirements prior to applying.  Application and membership fees once processed are non-refundable.

Overseas Students – Please click here for information on membership eligibility.