Helping Men Heal

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    Question #1
    Men and women in Australia die at different rates. Which of the following is correct?

    A: Up to the age of 74 men and women die at about the same rateB: By 74 more men have diedC: By age 84, more than 210,000 men than women die in Australia each year

    Question #2
    According to the Australian Bureau of statistics Causes of Death in men, Australia 2017, Self-harm is one of the top 10.

    A: TrueB: False

    Question #3
    Which of the following symptoms may be warning signs for men to seek help?

    A: FatigueB: Excess windC: ConstipationD: AnxietyE: All of the theseF: (A), (C) and (D)

    Question #4
    Recommended daily water intake for a man is what?

    A: 1 glass per waking hourB: 33mL per Kg weightC: 2.67L

    Question #5
    When collecting a case history, it is important to include both physical and emotional questions.

    A: TrueB: False

    Question #6
    Which of the following is most correct?

    A: Digestion and assimilation improvement is not fundamental to trackingB: It is important to track men’s on-going water consumptionC: Both of these

    Question #7
    During the seminar, which analytical method was suggested should be used not only for the purpose of diagnosis, but also for ongoing re-evaluation?

    A: RBTI AnalysisB: IridologyC: Any Assessment method you trustD: Any of these

    Question #8
    Nutrient deficiencies commonly found in men are usually minerals: calcium, magnesium, zinc and potassium.

    A: TrueB: False

    Question #9
    Vitamin deficiencies in men usually include the B group, particularly B1, B2, B3, B6 and B12.

    A: TrueB: False

    Question #10
    Some men, depending on their personality type, will welcome being followed up to check progress.

    A: TrueB: False

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