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Dr Portia Reading

Naturopathy, homeopathy, nutrition, psychonutrition, psychotherapy, meditation. Practitioner Name: Portia Reading
Location Victoria Dewhurst Victoria 3808 Phone: 03 5944 4464

Further Information

With 25 years’ experience, Dr Reading bases her practice on the science of supporting biochemical and physiological function with specifically tailored nutraceutical, homeopathic, dietary and lifestyle modifications – with concomitant improvements in health and well-being.

Analysis of live blood and the dry oxidative stress test using ‘state of the art’ Bradford Variable Projection Microscopy (BVPM) gives unparalleled magnification and resolution. This screening test removes guesswork and trial and error methods from selecting appropriate remedies: so supplements that are actually needed are prescribed.

This aims to restore self-regulation by improving structural and functional integrity to body systems, including gastro-intestinal, liver, immune, endocrine and neurologic, with downstream effects of reducing symptoms and disease states.

During the naturopathic consultation, your health concerns will be discussed in detail with empathy and compassion, and following your blood analysis, a naturopathic prescription directs you to supplements needed most to address specific issues unique to you.

Management plans are also available for optimising ‘good’ health, sporting performance, study and geriatric care.

• Investigate underlying physiologic disruptions using high resolution blood microscopy – without expensive ‘functional medicine’ tests.
• Enhance wellbeing by optimising the condition of your blood and improve biochemical and physiologic function.
• See the improvements with your own eyes by viewing your blood in high magnification.

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Dewhurst Victoria 3808