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Balanced Health Naturally

Naturopathy, NeuroLinguistic Programming, Hypnosis Practitioner Name: Jeannette Scapens
Location 501A Brighton Road Brighton South Australia 5048 Phone: 0439 828 669 Website:

Further Information

At Balanced Health Naturally, we understand the needs of women in midlife and beyond who are looking to make positive changes to their health.

I provide support & empower you to restore your health, reach & maintain your healthy weight, reclaim your energy & to feel great again naturally!

With the addition of positive mindset tools such as Neuro Linguistic Programming & Hypnosis to really get the subconscious mind onboard to achieve your health goals & feel great again!

Hypnosis for Weight loss, achieving goals & anxiety/stress reduction.

My focus areas are weight loss, women’s hormonal support with focus on peri/menopause & thyroid support. Stress & anxiety reduction.

My signature program is based around the unique & effective Metabolic Balance personalised nutrition program to help reset your metabolism, balance hormones, improve cholesterol, blood sugar balance, sleep, skin, energy, reduce inflammation & release excess weight!

I released 17 kg in 5 months. This unique food only, personalised nutrition program (tailored to your metabolic blood biochemistry), to achieve maximum results. Forget generic diets which can be hit and miss. Metabolic Balance has 25 years of scientific studies behind it to maximise results and get you feeling fabulous, full of energy and well once again, as well as reach & maintain your healthy goal weight.

Positive Mindset is often the missing link in weight loss success as our subconscious mind drives our conscious behaviours. By getting the right positive suggestions given to your subconscious mind you have a much higher chance of success at reaching and maintaining your weight loss goal.

Also offering Naturopathic support with nutritional/herbal medicines and lifestyle changes are provided with the program.

I have helped many clients reach their weight loss goal. Let me also support you to reach your goal & be your best, vibrant self again!

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501A Brighton Road Brighton South Australia 5048