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ALL student memberships are valid until 30th June each year.

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    Please click here if you have completed your studies.

    Holding or continuing your membership has never been more important than it is now. Your ability to meet the necessary minimum education guidelines and practice as a duly qualified practitioner (where applicable) is dependent on you holding membership with an accredited association.

    If you have completed your course, don’t delay in upgrading to a full Member. We cannot continue to provide a student membership if you are not studying, and don’t have an upgrade application in the process.

    Can I upgrade to a Full Member even if I am not practising?  YES.  We simply note you as ‘non-practising’ until such time as you advise us otherwise. 

    Please click here if you have completed your studies and want to complete the FULL membership form.

    If you are no longer studying and will not be continuing in any capacity within the natural therapies area, please use this link to contact the administration office to advise of your request to cancel membership. We wish you will in your future endeavors.

    If you have any questions regarding your membership, please do not hesitate to contact the administration office. We look forward to your continued involvement with the CMA.