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NS Health

Established pain relief and pain management clinic since 2005 with proven treatment methods and results. A referral for an appointment is not necessary. Contact: Chris Mortensen
Location Unit 4, 17-19 Mooramba Rd Dee Why New South Wales 2099 Phone: 0423 423 087 Website:

Further Information

Based in Dee Why, on Sydney’s northern beaches, NS Health is sought out by the general public as well as elite sportsman and Olympic and World champions as we provide outstanding results for both acute and chronic injuries and painful conditions alike.

NS Health is a pain relief and pain management clinic using medical pain relief devices medkey, physiokey and sanakey. These are based on an exceptionally efficient form of pain relief therapy – bioadaptive impulse therapy. It’s a non-pharmacological therapy effective in reducing pain, reducing swelling, inflammation and muscular spasm and as a result giving improved function, flexibility, and accelerated healing time.

Everything that happens within our body is the result of either a chemical or an electrical message. By taking pharmaceuticals, herbs or supplements we are looking for a response from the chemical system. At NS Health we bridge the gap by using bioadaptive impulse therapy to affect the body’s electrical system: intrinsic within our body’s pain messaging and response.

NS Health. We bridge the gap for effective pain relief.

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Unit 4, 17-19 Mooramba Rd Dee Why New South Wales 2099